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Walk, run, and hike adventurers of the extreme variety!

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Essential Information

The BBC publishes an on-line page for travelers strolling the Sahara or riding motorcycles around the world... and lots of other stuff too strange to describe here! Looking for the basis of the Indiana Jones adventures? Here they are. Review the "Excess Baggage" page. You can listen to the broadcast through their audio links!

Check out Australian Paula Constant as she walks through the Sahara. Audio

Review this great weblog of world travelers, ummm... traveling. Oh yeah. There's an idea. Travelers traveling. Gadling. Crave African adventure? Check it out.

The Lonely Planet: The "all you need to know" page where traveling is the focus. Right HERE!.

Gonomad: Stories. Weblog traveler links, profiles of folks doing interesting or even CRAZY travel. Great site....

Travelhub: On-line Radio! That's an oxymoron, right?.

What a great place to learn about the rest of the world..that's right the National Geographic site.

Imagine having access to the all the world's travelers, (all those that post anyway) their photos, notes and tips...it's here! Virtual Tourist site.


This page is about travel using non-traditional methods for housing and amenities. If you need five star service, this may not be for you, but if shelter, facilities and a budget are on your mind, this might be neat stuff to know.

Many people with a tight budget won't venture far becasue they can't afford hotels, fuel or food while on the road. If you have kids, it is even harder. But if you embrace the adventure of traveling on a budget it can be fun.

Do you use campgrounds? (If you asked what's that? you don't.) What's a "pop up" tent trailer you say? How about hostels for adults?

I'll post notes, tips and reviews here.