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I was born in 1952. These guys came along in 1958. We've been coexisting since.

I've lived many places within the United States, spending most of my time in the West, but about a third of my life in the East and a little in Alaska.

My goals are simple enough. I want to walk across the United States from California to Maine. I then want to build a house in upstate New York, maybe made from straw bales, we'll see.

I'd like to meet interesting people and share life experiences. I'm still learning so I'll share what I've seen so far and post new stuff when I can. And I'd like to live a meaningful life.

Why am I doing this?

I can't answer that completely. That's what the walk is for I guess. The most honest answer quite simply is, I want to, and perhaps I'm just too fat and need to lose the weight. There are many others that have done a "Walk Across America", you can learn about them here.

Help us along?

What Else?

I like driving my truck down highway 1 in California along the coast. I love driving my motorcycle through the Adirondacks in Fall. I've slept on the deck of the inland ferry on my way to Alaska and watched in wonder as the fishing boats departed the stilted cabins near Juneau; I've looked at buffalo grazing freely as a crop duster flew cartwheels in Oklahoma.

I've flown a Cessna through the Grand Canyon and snapped 150 pictures before I realized I had no film in my camera. I've treasured sleeping on the beach near San Diego with the sound of endless waves calming the world...

I truly love my friends and think of them as family—and my cats are friends with four feet.

I would tell anyone to see the Champlain Valley in winter (at least once) and Puget Sound anytime.

For several years now I've led tours across the Mojave desert and introduced visitors to the joys of the "Valley of Fire", "Death Valley" and the magnificent "Grand Canyon". Life is good.

I like men who think they should do the right thing in life (and then do it). I like women who know themselves well, and choose to be their own best friend.

I've been married. More than once, (to great women). They were all much better looking than me, and probably smarter too; I still like them and wish we could talk more. So I've been very fortunate to have good people in my life; and I still want to make a difference in someone's life.

I like to dance, but I'm not very good at it; I played guitar OK in my younger days but not so much now... When I get a lung full of indignation I write an essay but I don't post all of them. (I try to pickle my opinions awhile before letting them loose on an unsuspecting world). I don't want to add to the cynicism of the day, but I do feel strongly about things and feel the need to express my thoughts.

I am a loyal friend to a friend.

I get too lazy from time to time.

My advice to others is to dance while you can—"to smell the roses", and do what makes life good for you. Life is too short to wallow in sorrow, misery or anger no matter how many good reasons you have to do so. While life is about more than money or the pursuit of it, it is also real hard to ignore the implications of not having some, so pay attention to that small detail. Value character above most other traits when choosing your friends, and have some yourself even if others around you don't. Remember success is a matter of some luck as well as talent and perseverance.

So be lucky.

Read. Make friends across the centuries, folks long gone still have a lot to teach us. Be as beautiful as you can (or want) to be, however you define the term. Sooner or later someone will notice and it may make a difference for them, and you. Meet new people.

I've been blessed. I have really good friends, my own hair, and cats that tolerate me reasonably well. I've been forgiven many trespasses, too.

My Heroes

Favorite Books

Movies I Like


The Godfather (all of them),
It's a Wonderful Life,
The Unbearable Lightness of Being,
The English Patient,
(Really, just about anything with Juliette Binoche in it),
The Lord of the Rings,
Big Fish,
Sophie's Choice,
The Color Purple,
Star Wars,
L.A. Confidential,
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,
Apocalypse Now,
Saving Private Ryan,
Forrest Gump,
The Sting,
Terminator 2: Judgment Day,
Cool Hand Luke,
Stand by Me,
Doctor Zhivago,
Gone with the Wind,


The Tiananmen Square Tank Man,
Raoul Wallenberg,
Todd Beamer & friends,
Pat Tillman,
Aung San Suu Kyi,
Ronald Reagan,
Condi Rice,
Pope John Paul II,
Katharine Hepburn,
Teddy Roosevelt,
Abraham Lincoln,
Margaret Thatcher,
Jackie Robinson,
William F. Buckley,
Salman Rushdie,
John Wayne,
Samuel Clemens,
Milton Friedman,
the American soldier,
and yes, Oprah.
One Hundred Years of Solitude,
The Lord of the Rings,
The Grapes of Wrath,
To Kill a Mockingbird,
The Magus,
Lord of the Flies,
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,
Smiley's People,
The Hunt for Red October,
Patriot Games,
Cannery Row,
Huckleberry Finn,
Great Expectations,
My Antonio,
Pride and Prejudice,
A Farewell to Arms,
Nineteen Eighty-Four,
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,
Les Miserables,
Walking Memoirs/Tales of Long Walks
One of my favorite movies, "Chocolat"

Favorite tune? Artie Shaw's
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"Begin the Beguin"...