Jonestown      A. J. Heskett 
Grinning broad face—staring at the sun,
How long have you believed? Who led
You here from where you came? Who said
This act would change a thing? No one?

Trusting broad face—do you remember
Your first warning? It seems you might
Have caught on then; it was a night
Megalomania flashed tremors.
His arms were raised, "the voice of God,"
He said, and you were there. He spoke.
You all listened. He built your yoke
With words; you deferred with a nod.

You were like sheep. Really like sheep.
Not the Sunday school kind—white felt
Paste ups behind Jesus—your pelt
And meat were sold without a bleat.
How could you be so tame? *White night.
You look like a thousand rag dolls.
White night. The voice that wouldn't call
Is still. The eyes have lost their sight.

Only the flies move here. White night.
Only a lawyer left here. White night.
At least the children cried out. White night.
Faithful beguiled lived here. White night.
A.J. Heskett 82

*See Reference

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