to Katharine: Universal Tide             A. J. Heskett 

you are the sea to me, violent, mysterious
     beyond my hold your tidal energies move
brushing the shoreline which is my perimeter
          the edge
of understanding you. first under, then next
               to your
     ever evolving form, my beach, my mind,
               is shaped
with your flow. I am a rocky coast, not
  easy on you.
time and the nature of our being are unrelenting.
my earth
shapes you with rigid form defining the movement
of waters;
               your being—fluid, powerful, changing—sculpts
   my body
         with storm and ripple and tender lapping waves
           century practiced.
   seasonal you are, and resilient, full of color, depth
and life.
   movement with you is natural, liquid and
            while the forces in me lurch in quake-like
   I am the continent to your ocean. where my
are mountains and valleys yours are seas and
   from you came life to me, which grew to
         do you wonder then why in rivers I flow to you
in pieces?
   it is to dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea *
      forming deltas on my way to your depths.
there is no way back for that part of me
      consigned to you.
   only the wash of grains speckled in light
   in wave tossed surf green and gold find

A.J. Heskett aug 86.

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