Practical  (on being grounded)           A. J. Heskett 

Successful men to move ahead work at tasks till done
Dreamers wake when life's half o'er their time asleep all gone.

Wander-wonder, marking time to feel a pulse he is,
Ever sliding back to wait; where blow these dreams of his?

To live in dreams our drive must be unclear as in a fog
so in the light of day to move one steps each step to dog

The plan that builds the life you live by choice, by chance, or luck,
and luck can be the chance you find but best the chance you took.

What is power if not control of choice from day to day?
Possess yourself then to the job of how you make your way.

Think about the day you spend, know yourself, and be—
mindful, it won't come again it's gone to crop-or-seed.

Successful men to move ahead work at tasks till done.
Dreamers ever dreamers sleep until their time is gone.

Sept 86, A.J. Heskett

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