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For some time now, I've had it in my head to walk across America. I can't say there is any one overwhelming reason for it, or that it is even a worthy goal for a middle aged man to abandon his job for—but I did just that and I intend to complete this walk.

I can't claim a higher purpose, a driving moral or political point or even an all encompassing health issue as my motive. I just haven't been able to rid myself of the notion for some 10 years now. It is not an original idea. Many others, in far more precarious health have done it. (See the links below).

What I want to do is start in Imperial Beach/San Ysidro, California and walk diagonally across the U.S. to the furthest point in the Northeastern U.S., which as far as I can tell is Lubec, Maine. I'd like to take about a year to complete the walk. I want to chronicle the trip, writing about what interests me and photographing the places and people I encounter. I don't need to save the world, but I do need to see more of it, up close, and personal.

I said this idea was not original, so, here are " The Other Walkers ", people who have done it before me (and many have actually done much longer, harder and tougher walks). People have walked across America for many different reasons—for some there is a need to change the world, a few seek to regain their health while others offer their prescriptions for the soul. A walk across America can raise a profile and thus the volume of the political voice, and some walkers used this to advantage. Then there are those that walk as a memorial for others. Whatever their purpose or motivation, they can all inspire. Read (or view) their stories!

Michael Palin is here too even though he didn't walk across America; instead he travelled the world and documented it in his televised adventure/travel series. As a comedian, he just busts me up, as an adventurer he inspires me beyond reason; it occurred to me more than once, that if one is going to work a large portion of your life, here is the way to do it, make THE JOB discovery itself. He traveled to Antarctica and slept outside in a sleeping bag when he got there. The international research community wouldn't let him sleep indoors for the night. (Apparently they didn't want to encourage more tourists or some such notion. Yikes.) "Baby, its cold outside" as the old Ray Charles song says... Hats off to you Mr. Palin.

Forrest Gump? Too many great Forrest one liners to choose from so—let me ask you, on a page listing people who inspire walk/travel across America on foot, I simply couldn't leave Forrest off the list now could I? (And that's all I have to say about that.)

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Other Walkers

  1. Dashiel Alsup
  2. Timir Banerjee
  3. Rev. Flip Benham and Rev. Rusty Thomas
  4. Nathaniel H. Bishop
  5. Arthur Blessitt
  6. Will Buchanan
  7. Keela Carr
  8. Crossroads Pro-Life
  9. Jim Damico
  10. Michael Daniel
    ... more Michael Daniel (video)
  11. Kim Denmark
  12. Helga Estby
  13. Rory Fanning
  14. Ryan Firestone and Gidon Felsen
  15. Friends of the Earth
  16. Art Garfunkel
  17. Phil Goddard
    ... more about Phil Goddard
    ... see his excellent video
  18. Matt Gregory
    ... more Matt Gregory (video)
    ... and more Matt Gregory (Article)
  19. *Forrest Gump
  20. Doris Haddock
    ... more about Doris Haddock
    ... and more about Doris Haddock
  21. Lyn Hanush, Joan Balog and Ronni Schoch
  22. Judi Herring
  23. Jim Hickey
  24. B.J. Hill
    ... more about BJ Hill
  25. Aaron Huey
  26. Joseph A.P. Hurley
  27. The Illumination Network
  28. Jaybo

  1. Peter Jenkins
    ... more about Peter Jenkins
  2. Barbara Jenkins
  3. Brother Keith
  4. Kevin Kim
  5. Dan Knabb
  6. Gary Long
  7. George Martin
  8. Bill McDannell
  9. Rick and Jane McKinney
  10. Laird Monahan
  11. Takayuki Nakanashi
  12. Michael Palin
  13. Ken and Marcia Powers
  14. Renovation Ministries
  15. Dan "Sheltowee" Rogers
  16. Jesse Simmons
  17. Donald Lewis Stevenson
  18. Sportline Steps Across America Walking Team
  19. Ted Stone
    ... and more about Ted Stone
    ... more about Ted Stone
  20. Claude AnShin Thomas (AnShin AnGyo)
    ... more about Claude AnShin Thomas
  21. Dave Toolan and Stuart Hamilton
  22. Steve Vaught
    ... more about Steve Vaught
  23. Don Vermilyea
  24. Martin Vosseler
  25. John H. Wallace, III
  26. Jeanette Wallis
  27. Phil Woods
  28. USAcrossers's list of runners across America!
  29. Wikipedia's list of walkers!


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Along the way

"Only within, named long ago, that unsatisfactory algebra, the soul, blooms or withers each according to kind and ability, always and ever the same, the same."   from Ecclesia

Places along the way, scenes from previous trips across America. There are many, many, people who have walked across the U.S.—there are wonderful things to see along the way, lessons to learn and causes to trumpet.

See the "43 Things" list website.         Or view the photos of other walkers from Flickr's site

Hey, life is great. I feel the need to greatly change my life. I hope to start the trip in March of 2009.