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  1. Why are you doing this? Seriously.

  2. Have you ever gazed out the window and absolutely obsessed about doing something? I've been thinking about doing this walk for years. Even if all the pieces are not in place sometimes you just have to start.

    I have arthritis; I am pretty much overweight (277 lbs on a 5'11' frame) I FEEL awful most of the time. I'm tired. I'm certain this walk will change some of that, and I want to have the adventure honestly. I want a new perspective.

  3. Others (like Steve Vaught and Gary Long) have done this recently. Some people have done far more, are you trying to capture some of their "glory"?

  4. I am happy for them. I acknowledged as many as I could find on-line and placed links to their stories. (Even Forrest Gump) The person that really got me thinking about this kind of adventure long ago was Teddy Roosevelt. Although losing weight is a consideration, my overall health should certainly improve, what I really want is the stimulation of seeing the country the way our ancestors did, walking through it. I want to feel and think about things differently.

    Anyway, it's a big country with room for all kinds of people to do all kinds of things. Even if they have been done before and better by others.

  5. Are you making money off his?

  6. I hope to support myself. I have bills like everyone else. I set up an on-line store through Amazon, and I looked around on the web and found many sites solicit donations from readers, so I set that up too; I placed on-line ads on some of the pages.

    I will try to be an entrepreneur to support myself, I think that's fair.

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