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I hope to create a big change in my life by doing something that causes me to stretch beyond my comfort zone and my habits. These links are here for those that want to share in the process for their own purposes. These groupes and forums all require a simple registration. Lose weight, face a problem, gather support, take action of one kind or another—here you can share your inner journey with others. Sign up and post your messages, thoughts or opinions. We all have things we have learned and wish to say to one another. We all have a need to be heard from time to time. If circumstances won't allow your voice to be heard in one way, try another. Share your lessons, experiences and thoughts with those that want to hear them. Meet folks along the path to change.

I have lived long enough to know that it really is the journey that is the reward. This moment, now, will not be saved or put away for another day, and tomorrow is not promised to anyone. So we may share the experience, but we can't keep it. Enjoy the trip then.
You can sign up for the newsletter too. I'll tell you what I see and hear along the way and try to make it entertaining. I expect to learn things about myself and life. A journey can be shared at many levels, so come share the trip with me. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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